St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Thursday, January 27, 2022
Bringing the Power of Christ to the World


JULY 1, 2021 - JUNE 30, 2022






Administrative Council

Chairperson:                           Shirley Smith

Secretary:                               Joyce Randell

Lay Leader:                            Ben Lindhorst

Lay Member to AC:               Molly Lofton

Finance Chairperson:             Molly Lofton

SPRC Chairperson:                Hillary Chapman

Treasurers:                              Richard Kinstler

                                                Jill Lindhorst   

Finance Secretaries:                Gary Bigley

                                                Marilou Hill

                                                Kathy Daniel (sub)

                                                Carol Graham

                                                Darrin McGinnis

                                                Cheryl Armstrong

Curator:                                   Carolyn Gittinger

Worship Chairperson:             Chris Armstrong

Education Chairpersons:         Melody Woessner

                                                 Leslie Rozzell

Young Persons Rep.:               Enola Ramirez

Young Adult Representative:  Ginny Faeth

Missions Chairperson:            Denise Lawson

At-Large Members:                 Diana Patterson (Class of 2022)

                                                 Rob Ochier (Class of 2023)

                                                 Sally McDonald (Class of 2023)

                                                 Jill Lindhorst (Class of 2023)

                                                 Heidi Ramirez (Class of 2024)

                                                 Fran Shook (Class of 2024)

                                                 Mike Koch (Class of 2024)




Finance Committee

Chairperson:                                                    Molly Lofton

Lay Leader:                                                     Ben Lindhorst

Treasurers:                                                      Sandy Arnold

                                                                        Richard Kinstler  

                                                                        Jill Lindhorst  

Finance Secretaries:                                        Gary Bigley

                                                                        Marilou Hill

                                                                        Kathy Daniel (sub)

                                                                        Carol Graham

                                                                        Darrin McGinnis

                                                                        Cheryl Armstrong

                                                                        Sandy Arnold

                                                                        Melody Woessner


Staff Parish Relations Committee

Chairperson:                                                    Hillary Chapman

Lay Leader:                                                     Ben Lindhorst

Lay Delegate to AC:                                       Molly Lofton

Class of 2022:                                                 Carol Graham

                                                                        Hillary Chapman

Class of 2023:                                                 Carolyn Gittinger

                                                                        Kyle Paxson

Class of 2024:                                                 Ginny Faeth


Lay Leadership Committee

Chairperson:                                                    Pastor Charlene Thomas

Lay Leader:                                                     Ben Lindhorst

Class of 2022:                                                 Robbie Lindhorst

                                                                        Ginny Faeth

Class of 2023:                                                 Fran Shook

Class of 2024:                                                 Sally McDonald


Board of Trustees:

Chairperson:                                                    To be elected

Class of 2022:                                                 Brian Arnold

                                                                        Marilou Hill

Class of 2023:                                                 Sharon Rigby

                                                                        Gary Arnold

                                                                        Matt Drosky

Class of 2024:                                                 Anthony Ramirez

                                                                        Rex Woessner

                                                                        Jeff Kuhn

                                                                        Richard Kinstler                                                                     


Memorial Committee:                                    Kathy Daniel

                                                                        Marilou Hill

                                                                        Marilyn Hutchins


Missions Committee

Chairperson:                                                    Denise Lawson                                              

Class of 2022:                                                 Cheryl Armstrong

                                                                        Carol Graham

Class of 2023:                                                 Liz Runion

                                                                        Ronee Rice

                                                                        Nancy Rollins

Class of 2024:                                                 Kathy Daniel

                                                                        Sharon Rigby

                                                                        Sandy Arnold

Young Persons Representative:                      Carter Lindhorst



Education Committee

Chairpersons:                                                  Melody Woessner

                                                                        Leslie Rozzell 

Class of 2022:                                                 Jacob Brown

                                                                        Nancy Brown

Class of 2023:                                                 Kyle Paxson

                                                                        Molly Lofton

Class of 2024:                                                 Emily Runion

                                                                        Tevin Drosky

Young Persons Representative:                      Sophia Paradiso



Worship Committee

Chairperson:                                                    Chris Armstrong

Class of 2022:                                                 Sharon Rigby

Class of 2023:                                                 Sally McDonald

Class of 2024:                                                 Chris Armstrong

                                                                        Laura Wallrabenstein

A/V:                                                                Rob Ochier

                                                                        Chris Armstrong

                                                                        David Thomas

                                                                        Brian Arnold

Choir Director:                                               TBD

Organist:                                                         Laura Wallrabenstein

Head Usher:                                                    Bev Mestry

Communion Stewards:                                   Melody Woessner

                                                                        Diana Patterson

Acolyte Coordinator:                                      Jill Lindhorst

Coffee Hour Coordinator:                               Diana Patterson