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Friday, September 29, 2023
Life Changing!

Why Churches Support Faith Radio


Faith Radio is a listener supported ministry. We are primarily supported by individuals who give to support the broadcast of God’s Word.  This month, we are trying to encourage churches to consider making a monthly or one-time gift to help support our ministry.  Here are five reasons that churches support Faith Radio:


1. Evangelism - Our broadcast reaches thousands of people every day.  National research has shown at any given time, more than 15% of those who listen to Christian radio do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We are doing John 12:32, uplifting the name of Jesus, drawing men into a relationship with Him. We then encourage these new believers to get involved in a Christ-centered church.


2. Growing Disciples - Matthew 28 instructs us to make disciples.  Faith Radio is here to help Christians grow their faith through the many Bible teaching programs we air each day.  This supplements the teaching, preaching and worship time at church.


3. Encourage Church Attendance and Support - Faith Radio regularly encourages our listeners to be in attendance and serving in a local church.  It is important for Christians to find a place where they can fellowship, grow and be held accountable.  We also encourage them to financially support their local church first, before they support other great Christian ministries like Faith Radio.


4. Christian Community Support – We assemble and communicate a remarkable amount of announcements from churches about special events, community activities, care groups and concerts.  These are shared to connect the body of Christ within the community and region.


5. Minister to Ministers & Homebound – Faith Radio is a minister to those who are homebound, in a nursing home, in prison, etc.  We bring “church” to where you are.  We also provide spiritual food to the ministers and pastors who are busy spiritually feeding others.



Does your church support Faith Radio?  If not, would your church consider supporting Faith Radio with prayer, sharing about our ministry, and a financial gift to help keep a constant biblical voice of truth in the mass media?  Partnering together, Faith Radio and your church can help share the gospel in your community!


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