Welcome to Arbor Hill
Sunday, September 24, 2023
- much more than a neighborhood, we are a community!


The following official Arbor Hill Homeowners Association committees have been created by the Board.



In accordance with Sec 5.01 of the Arbor Hill Bylaws, the Arbor Hill Board Of Directors must appoint an Architectural Review Committee (ARC), the purpose of which is to assist management in maintaining compliance with neighborhood standards. The ARC reviews requests from residents and/or homeowners for changes to Arbor Hill lots, dwellings, or improvements thereto. They also assist the Board with defining & interpreting written Standards, policies, guidelines, official procedures, or other published rules governing the appearance and operation of the neighborhood.  Click here for further information about the ARC.  



The purpose of the Communication Committee is to obtain & organize information for the Arbor Hill website, keeping the website up-to-date and clearly communicating information to the neighborhood & potential buyers of property in the neighborhood. The Communication Committee works with the Management Company to maintain the Arbor Hill Resident Directory, and they also publish the Arbor Hill Grapevine neighborhood newsletter.



The Entertainment Committee organizes & plans official neighborhood parties & celebrations.



The Neighborhood Watch & Safety Committee exists to assist the Board in improving & maintaining safety in Arbor Hill. This includes establishing a system to identify & report speeding, chronic parking on the street or sidewalks, and other conditions which endanger our residents, children, & pets. Also, this committee assists the Management Company with identifying new or departing neighborhood residents.



The purpose of the Yard Awards Committee is to recognize those neighbors who demonstrate exceptional efforts in maintaining their property, thereby contributing to the overall attractive appearance of the Arbor Hill neighborhood. The Arbor Hill Board defines the procedures & guidelines applicable to this committee's operation and has summarized them in the Arbor Hill Yard Awards Committee Procedures document.