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TeenGames is a Worldwide Partnership There are TeenGames happening all over the world. After launching in the year 2000 in Cape Town, South Africa, by 2002 tens of thousands of teenagers in numerous countries have participated in the program, and this number is continuing to grow rapidly. TeenGames has been developed by many people, groups and organizations from across the globe who want to impact the lives of teenagers and who want to help you do the same. TeenGames is not an organization. It has no staff, no office and exists because people like you catch the vision and spread it locally to interested groups. It is facilitated by the KidsGames/TeenGames International Facilitation Team, a team of volunteers from across the world under the banner of the International Sports Coalition (ISC) and it’s Major Sports Events Partnership (MSEP). Out of the extraordinary growth of TeenGames have come several other Games events that you or your country could also consider: • KidsGames – a fun sports and games sports event for children - www.kidsgames.com • FamilyGames – an extension of KidsGames to build up families - www.thefamilygames.com • EdgeGames – for older teenagers and young adults - www.theedgegames.com