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102311_Posture Pt. 2 - James 4:1-10

102311_Posture Pt. 2 - James 4:1-10

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Sermon Outline “Fully Devoted, Fully Engaged Christ-Follower: Posture (Pt.2) James 4:1-12

How’s your posture (Not physical, spiritual)?

The proper posture of the Christ-follower: Humility

James 4:1-12: Living faith is evidenced by a posture/attitude of humility, towards God and our fellow Christ-followers.

Remember Superman’s alter-ego “Bizarro?” In God’s economy, the world around us is “Bizarro World.” Our life in Christ is the true reality.

World’s view: Be proud, be tough; never let them see you sweat, never let them see you cry. Go for the gusto, be happy. It’s about you.

God’s view: Be humble, meek; weep, mourn; submit, surrender. God 1st, others 2nd, self last.

Which way leads to life? James says God’s way/view leads to life.

Vs1-5: Source of conflict - sinful passions within.

Seeking after anything/one else but God is idolatry.

Friendship with the world = enmity with God.

God is jealous for us - He has made us alive spiritually, for Himself; He has put His Spirit within us who believe.

Vs6: The same Holy Spirit who convicts of compromise and conflict offers grace to forsake sin and self.

Grace - “charis” - “that which affords joy, pleasure, delight, etc; good will, loving kindness, favor; of the merciful kindness by which God, exerting His holy influence upon souls, turns them to Christ, keeps, strengthens, increases them in Christian faith, knowledge and affection, and kindles them to the exercise of Christian virtues” (Strong’s). Romans 5:1-2

Oppose - “antitasso” - “to range in battle against” (Strong’s). Who wants to be opposed by God?

Humble - “tapeinos” - “not rising from the ground” (Strong’s) Vs7-10: Wise counsel for all Vs7 - Submit to God - “arrange under, subject one’s self, submit to one’s control.”

- Resist the devil - “set one’s self against, withstand.” - Devil - “diabolos” - “prone to slander, accusing falsely; false accuser” (all Strong’s).

Vs8 - Draw near to God - wonderful promise: He will draw near to you!

- Cleanse your hands (submit to cleansing by God) - confess, repent, receive forgiveness.

- Purify your hearts - single-mindedness toward God (double-minded - divided interest).

Vs9 - Grieve, mourn and wail… - lament sin - James wrote to believers!

Vs10 - Humble yourself before God - He will exalt you!

Exalt - “hypsoo” - “lift up on high, raise to the very summit…, raise to dignity, honor and happiness” (Strong’s).

Philippians 2:9-11 Who doesn’t want to be exalted? And God will do a better job!

Vs11-12 - Being right with God must result in being right with each other!

Fully devoted, fully engaged Christ-followers assume a posture of humility before God & others. We are serious about our sin, single-minded in our approach to God, and trust Him to exalt us in His time and way.