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Rev Josh - Nov 1, 2020 - Unexpected Changes

Rev Josh - Nov 1, 2020 - Unexpected Changes

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Posted 2 years ago by zHEX cHEATS

Super People Hack

Super People is a Battle Royale game where players replace super soldiers and engage in intense, fast-paced battles to be the last man standing. The game combines FPS and Battle Royale elements with gameplay features designed to engage players in more strategic and fast-paced rounds. If you using Super People Hack you can easily dominate your enemies and make the game more enjoyable!


Undetected Super People Hack with Zhex.Pro

Our undetected Super People Hack that works with a built-in spoofer is completely private inject methods and unique build each customers.

  • Dozens Customizable Hack Features!
  • No FPS Drop (Optimized even for low PCs!)
  • Super People Hack works on Windows 10 - 11 all builds.
  • Super People Hack included HWID Spoofer!

Super People Aimbot Hack

Super People Aimbot allows you to automatically aim at your Enemies. But this doesn't just work in one type. You need to press a button for aimbot to work. You can assign any key to an aimbot from the Super People Cheat Menu (UI). (Keyboard or mouse), when you press the key, the aim will be locked to the enemy automatically and all you have to do is shoot.

There are two different working logics for our Super People Aimbot Cheat;

  1. Slient Aimbot : Slient Aimbot works like Magic bullet but controls walls so the aim does not need to be above the enemies when the silent aimbot is active. Bullets follow the enemies directly. Although this feature is very OP, if you do not want to reveal that you are using Super People Hack, We recommend the second option instead of this feature.
  2. Enable Aimbot : When you press the aimbot button, the aim is locked to the enemies. If you want your friends or enemies not to notice that you are using hack, We recommend using this feature.

Super People ESP (Wall) Hack

ESP is the most important function for Super People Hack. There are many reasons for this, but the importance of loot in the game is the biggest factor.

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