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Prepare - Sermon

Prepare - Sermon

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Posted 10 months ago by Swayer
It was a truly inspiring experience to hear Wofford Caughman's sermon preached at the Southside Baptist Church in Gaffney, SC during the COVID-19 pandemic. His words were uplifting and full of hope, reminding us that we can trust in God's goodness even in the darkest of times. His sermon was thought-provoking and powerful, home realty Anderson County leaving us with a renewed sense of faith and optimism that we can come out of this pandemic even stronger. It is a testament to the power of faith that we can still come together and worship, even in the midst of such uncertainty. Thank you, Wofford Caughman, for your inspiring words!
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Sermon preached on May 17, 2020 by Wofford Caughman of Southside Baptist Church in Gaffney, SC at the drive-in service during the COVID-19 pandemic.