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"Faith and Trust Medley" by the Temple Baptist Choir

"Faith and Trust Medley" by the Temple Baptist Choir

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Posted 3 months ago by burritopain
One of the most beautiful and moving songs I've ever heard is the Temple Baptist Choir's Faith and Trust Medley. I've never heard a better group; every geometry dash lite song here is a new favorite. I was determined to have a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with The Wiz.
Posted 7 months ago by seekborrow
The Temple Baptist Choir's "Faith and Trust Medley" is a gorgeous and moving ode to the virtue of trust. basket random
Posted 6 months ago by Anonymous
Temple Baptist Choir's "Faith and Trust" is a collection of songs that I love very much. aa route planner
Posted 1 year ago by Anonymous
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Posted 9 months ago by Curtis
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Posted 1 year ago by Anonymous
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Posted 1 year ago by hennysmath23
Faith and Trust Medley by the Temple Baptist Choir is a beautiful and touching song about the importance of trust. The song is about the power of faith wordle 2 and how it can help us through difficult times. It is a song about the importance of being confident in what we believe in, and how it can help us through our struggles.
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June 15, 2014 a.m. Special Music: "Faith and Trust Medley" by the Temple Baptist Choir Thank you for joining our service! We pray that you will be blessed by our church and our music ministry as we reach out to our community and to our world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. If you have any comments or prayer requests, please indicate them in the comment section or visit our website and submit them in a private manner (www.templebaptistob.com). Thank you again for watching. God bless you! Like us on facebook!