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Hagans, Rick - Harvest Evangelism | November 20, 2013

Hagans, Rick - Harvest Evangelism | November 20, 2013

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Posted 3 days ago by robinjack
financing and alternative sources of support to education; preparation, nurturing and professional development of education leaders; the role of female educational leaders in improvement of educational quality; as will as the link between education and poverty eradication, are deemed necessary in approaching issues of educational quality in any sense and at any level. The nature of out of school factors that may render support to the quality of education e.g. traditional leadership institutions may also need to be looked into. buy steroids online
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From his walk along the "Lonesome Dove" trail in Texas, Rick Hagans, Founder of Harvest Evangelism, shared about his purpose for the walk - to call attention to the need for shoes for needy children - as well as some of his experiences along the route. Learn more about the ministry at www.harvestevangelism.org.