Palm Sunday Worship – Sunday, April 5, 2020

Palm Sunday Worship – Sunday, April 5, 2020

Scripture: Psalm 18:1-2 (if you are alone think on this passage – if others are with you share it). For extended reading through the week: John Chapter 16. 


Hymn: “All Creatures of Our God and King” (find the lyrics on the Internet and print for meditation, or view on YouTube by David Crowder band.

Prayer: Offered Prayer Sequence

            1. Praise for God’s faithfulness in salvation and in His help during stressful times.

            2. Commit to His purposes during this time of difficulty.

            3. Ask for His will to be accomplished in your life.

            4. Ask for a deeper understanding of Him in you.

            5. Pray for the nation, our leaders, neighbors and church.

            6. Pray especially for family.

Worship (meditate) in silence:

Read the story of the Triumphal Entry from Matt. 21:1-11. Consider these questions and thoughts: 

  1. Verse 10 says that when Jesus entered Jerusalem, riding on a colt, the big question of the people was “Who is this?” Consider reading this entire passage from the point of identifying who Jesus truly is.
  2. We can answer their question not only by their response on that day, but also in their response to Jesus’s ministry. Everybody was looking for something different in Jesus, and many became disappointed in Him. How easy is it to become disappointed in our faith if we do not diligently seek to know who Jesus really is? 
  3. The crowds on that day may have viewed Jesus’s entry as a parade. To most of the crowd, Jesus was much more popular than the Roman government that was in charge of Israel. To some in the crowd it may have been viewed as a protest against the occupation of Rome. How do you think Jesus considered the event?
  4. Why did the crowds honor Jesus is such a way as this, but to the greatest part did not resist His mistreatment by the religious order of the day and the Romans a few days later?
  5. The real meaning of Palm Sunday is found in the question of the people who watched Jesus enter Jerusalem. In fact, the real meaning of life is found in that same question “Who is this (Jesus)?” How prepared do you feel in answering that question?
  6. Some in the crowd were there because of Jesus’s miracles. Some were there because He represented military power. Some were there out of a sense of religion. Why do you follow Jesus?