Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Include only those items listed on the inventory. Deviating from this list
can cause an entire shipment to be rejected in customs. 

Crisis Care Kits are hygiene and other care products in a zip-lock bag that can be easily distributed in a disaster area.  They are put together by Nazarene churches in the USA and Canada and shipped to regional warehouses, to be distributed worldwide for Natural Disaster areas.

Pack a 2 gallon ziplock bag with the items on the Crisis Care List, OR deposit individual items on the list in the box located in the church foyer.










Please pick up your School Packs at the Mission Desk. 
Fill them up only with supplies listed.


A 2019 Church Missions trip to Honduras is now in the planning.  Please see Jen van Splunter for details.  


What is Nazarene Missions International?

 From the NMI Handbook & Constitution:

  • "NMI is the organizational representative of missions for the Church of the  Nazarene on the regional, district, and local levels."
  • "NMI is the promotional, educational, program, and fund-raising arm of missions."

  • NMI is the organization that "provides the structure and spiritual dynamic for mobilizing the church in mission."

NMI Mission Statement:
     To mobilize the church in mission through praying, discipling, giving, and educating.

NMI Objectives:

  •      To encourage people to pray for all efforts of world evangelization
  •      To inform people of the world's needs and what the church is doing to meet those needs
  •      To challenge children and youth to learn about and participate in the mission of the church
  •      To raise funds for mission outreach