Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Our Children’s Church offering goes toward purchasing these amazing audio Bibles for use on mission fields around the world.

Audio Bibles are great for areas with low literacy rates or areas where books are hard to get.  Up to 200 people can hear the audio Bible at a time!  Click the link below for more information.




Thank You for the opportunity to serve our children and church families in the capacity of Children’s Pastor. 

Our new Children’s Church format includes shaping our  services after the regular am service and will include short sermons on a 1 to 6 grade student level. Offering time offers not only opportunities to give but also explanations of how faithful giving pleases God. 

Participants earn points redeemable for prizes.  2 points for attending, 1 for giving an offering, and 1 for bringing a bible. If you should have small used toys or interesting children’s items, suitable as prizes, for boys and girls and would like to make a donation please see me. 

More information regarding the changes we are making are available on the church Facebook page. Monthly service schedules will be available in upcoming bulletins including today.  On family Sundays (everyone worships together) kids can pick up a form that when answered and returned to me can earn 5 prize points. 

 Help is always needed and appreciated.  Please join us on a Sunday to see and learn how you can help in our new program.  A sign up calendar is available at the Welcome Center

 Additional Children’s ministries include Bible Quizzing with Ms. Sherri Miller on Wednesday evenings. Other midweek ministries are being developed.  Mr. Tim plans to teach sign language at a later fall date on designated Wednesday evenings.

 Sunday school remains a central part of our children’s ministry.  We presently have three classes available.  For more information see Ms. Donna Williams.

 Plans are now in process for a fall festival, Valentines Party, Christmas, Easter celebrations, VBS, and more! 

We have a wonderful church with a heart for Children.

Thank You!                                     Pastor Barbara




What happens in Sunday School?
      In Sunday School, you learn about God and Jesus.  You hear Bible stories, talk about the stories, and learn scripture. Your Sunday School teacher prays for you, and you may do a craft, color, sing songs, or work in a workbook.  Sunday School is a place to pay attention to God but also to have fun.  There may even be some competing games.  All our Sunday School teachers love children and work very hard to help you, so come to Sunday School every Sunday you can.  You will be glad you did and so will we.

What happens in Children’s Church?
     When the adults are having church in the sanctuary, we get to have church too, and we learn what it means to worship God. First through 6th grade attend Children’s Church 

     In Children’s Church, we pray for you and others, have a very short story created just for you, learn songs, scripture and play competitive games that teach us about God’s Word. 

What happens on Wednesday Nights? On Wednesday nights we have Children’s Quizzing, to prepare you to compete with others locally and possibly with children from all over the world.   Quizzing is a lot of fun, and at the end of the season, you can even win a trophy. If you choose not to quiz we have another class just for you.

Attend Sunday School, Children’s Church, and Wednesday night Children’s Services and we will have fun learning about God and his Son, Jesus.