Loving God, Loving Each Other
First Baptist Church Strawberry Plains
Saturday, November 17, 2018
To Know God and to Make Him Known

Youth Ministry

6th grade - 12th grade
Ministering to students at First Baptist Church takes priority in the church’s life because this is where the life of the church really begins. When we are students we are learning about the world and the Creator of it all. We are questioning the reason for creation and why we are here, what is our mission. The church, our church, has a place for students to find out how to make all life’s travel a little more open and straight, less fearful and more tolerable. We work together to help others in our community, our church and in our youth group. We are open to all who want to be a part of our journey together in this walk of uncertain paths and hopeful futures. It is our hope that we will grow and become what Jesus wants us to be. Our student ministry gives us the opportunity to do just that.
To prepare for worship on Sunday, we begin with Bible study, prayer, learning, and fellowship at 9:00 a.m. in the Youth House, where there is a sense of freedom to ask questions, commitment to find answers, and faith to look to the future with hope. We have leaders who work with us to understand who we are, what we need and where we are going, and who have committed to walk with us without criticism but with love.
Worship is our outward expression of our love and praise for God our Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit. We believe that participating in church worship, beginning at 10:15am, is vital to our Christian growth and experience. .
Wednesday nights at 6:30 p.m. we participate in Youth JAM (Jesus and Me). This is were we explore what the Bible says and how we apply it to our lives, our family, our school, and our world. This is a time of fun, fellowship, missions and Bible study. JAM is held in the youth house.
We also have a strong commitment to missions in action, and love helping people here in our community. Whether it be working in the yards of our seniors, cleaning up around our church or working to help others in surrounding areas, our goal is to help where help is needed. Missions are about going, helping our neighbors and helping ‘the least of these”. There is always more work to do.
Student ministry is alive at First Baptist. Come, join us and be a part of making a positive impact in our church, our community and in our own lives.