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Saturday, July 26, 2014
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Preschool FAQs




How do I check in my child?


  • All parents of preschoolers (babies – kindergartners) need to fill out a three-part security form on their child every Sunday.  One part is for the teacher to keep, one part becomes a nametag for the child, and the other part is the parent’s copy to keep and use to pick up the child.

  • This form shows the child’s name, date of birth, parent’s name or person bringing the child, child’s allergies, any special needs or instructions, the parent’s class location, and a security number. 

  • The parents should make sure there are two teachers in the classroom before leaving their child.

  • No one under 18 is allowed to check a child in to a classroom (or to pick up a child).

  • All items (bottles, diaper bags, jackets, purses, etc.) to be left with the child should be labeled with the child’s name.

  • Parents should remain on campus while their child is in our care (exception: Outreach/Visitation, First Light Weekday Preschool).



What should I bring for my child?


  • Labeled diaper bag with diapers.

  • Labeled drinking cup or bottle.

  • Extra change of clothing in a labeled bag for children in diapers and those undergoing potty training.



Will my child receive a snack? 


  • Babies will be fed premixed bottles brought from home. 

  • Toddlers-kindergartners will receive graham or saltine crackers and water.

  • Sometimes a special snack will be given; an allergy sign will be posted at the door.  Please be sure to tell the teacher if your child has any allergies.



What safety measures are in place at the church? 


·         A three-part security form must be filled out on each child.  The parent is given their copy of the form which must be presented for pickup; otherwise proper identification must be shown.  No one is allowed to pick up a child without the proper security form or I.D.

·         If an emergency arises, the security form alerts us to your location.  We will contact you in the Worship Center by displaying the number shown on your security form or go to your Sunday School classroom.   

·         First aid kits are located at each preschool information desk for each age group area. 

·         All teachers in baby rooms wear disposable gloves when changing diapers.  Children are placed on wax paper on the changing area and disinfectant spray is used following each diaper change (as well as new gloves).

·         Additional as well as designated people on staff are assigned to each area to help with all evacuations (fire, tornado, etc.)





What level of Bible teaching will my child receive? 


We want First Baptist Snellville to be the place where preschoolers have their first experiences of the love of Jesus Christ and enjoy coming to church. Our curriculum used with all ages in preschool, provides a two-year scope and sequence cycle for each age group so that a child will have a solid spiritual foundation.

  • Babies – They will hear worship songs, hear that Jesus loves them and receive loving care from their teachers as they play with toys, are rocked or swing, etc.

  • Toddlers-Two’s – They will use David C. Cook Bible-in-Life curriculum, learn basic Bible truths, make crafts, play games, and learn songs about Jesus.  (See Curriculum Schedule for Toddlers-Two’s)

  • Three’s-Fours – They will use David C. Cook Bible-in-Life curriculum, hear Bible stories, learn memory verses, play games, make crafts and do activities that correlate to the lesson, go to a puppet show and also sing songs, learning to worship God.

  • Kindergarten – They will use David C. Cook Bible-in-Life curriculum, hear Bible stories, learn memory verses, play games, make crafts and do activities that correlate to the lesson. They will learn the books of the New Testament and will receive a Bible when they can recite them.  They will learn the books of the Old Testament and will receive a Bible cover when they can recite them. They will go to a session of Kindergarten Worship where there will be Bible teaching, singing, puppets, drama, games and crafts.



Who staffs the preschool classrooms? 


  • Our volunteers are parents and other loving adults that have a heart for teaching our little ones.  They must complete a screening form, background check and attend training in all preschool policies and procedures.

  • Each age group area has a director for each session and there are always two adult teachers in each classroom (adult ratio is higher with babies).



What are the health policies for the classrooms? 


  • If your child has or has had in the last 24 hours any of the following symptoms, please do not take them into the classroom.




      Common cold (any colored or clear discharge from the nose not associated with allergies or teething)


      Sore throat


      Skin infection or unexplained rash

      Pink eye

      Head lice or nits

      Symptoms of any childhood disease

      Any medication that could mask symptoms

  • Surface areas and baby toys are disinfected after each session. 

  • Please cover all cuts or abrasions with a bandage prior to dropping off your child.  We have first aid kits available at each preschool information desk if you need supplies.

  • All medication must be administered by a parent.

  • For sanitation reasons, we request you use disposable diapers at church.

  • We recommend waiting at least four weeks before bringing newborns to church.




Do you have a Nursing Room? 


  • Yes we do!  Our nursing room is located in room C110B (next to the baby rooms). 

  • The room is equipped with a changing table and supplies, a comfy sofa, rocking chairs, dim lights, and a TV monitor so you may enjoy the service from the Worship Center.



Helpful Tips for Parents 


  • Consistent church attendance helps develop a sense of trust and security within the church for your child.

  • Talk to your child about coming to church and create an excitement for them.

  • If your child becomes upset, remind him/her in a kind, firm voice that you are going to church and will be back soon.  Leave promptly with a kiss and a smile.  If your child continues to be excessively unhappy, we will notify you.

  • Pick your child up promptly to help develop a secure feeling at church.  Being one of the last to be picked up can sometimes be fretful for a child.

  • Be aware of your child’s number on your copy of the security form.  If a number pops up on the monitor screen during the worship service, report to your child’s classroom.