Lodi United Methodist Church
Friday, March 27, 2015
Share the Word of God, Show the Love of Christ, Spread the Joy of Faith

608-592-3480 130 Locust St, Lodi, WI 53555

Dedicated to Nurturing Youth and Families
 (All Ages and Stages) through Caregiving, Education, and Outreach Always Supported with Prayer

Verse of the Week:

John 12:7 & 8
(Jesus speaking to the Disciple about Mary": who had used expensive oil on Jesus feet.)
Jesus said, "Leave her alone! 
Let her keep what she has for the day of my burial.
You will always have poor people, 
but you will not always have me."


Sunday Schedule:

8:00 am
Worship Service
9:00 am Fellowship Time
9:00 am Sunday School Gathering Time
9:15 am
Sunday School for All Ages
10:30 am
Worship Service
11:30 am
Fellowship Time


Holy Week
Palm Sunday, March 29th  8:00 & 10:30 am worship
Holy Thursday, April 2nd   7:00 pm

Brian Palkki from Beit Ya'acov Messianic Jewish Congregation  a Jewish congregation that believes Jesus is the Messiah. 
Brian will talk to us about JESUS IN THE LAST PASSOVER,
explaining the symbolism of the Seder meal and Jesus as the fulfillment of the sacrificial system.

The talk will take be in the Sanctuary followed by the sacrament of the Last Supper.

 Good Friday, April 3rd  7:00 p.m. Tenebrae Service (Service of the Shadows)

Easter Sunday, April 5th Celebrate Jesus Christ resurrection at 8:00 and 10:30 a.m.


Bulletins & Sermons


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