Lodi United Methodist Church
Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Dedicated to Nurturing Youth and Families
 (All Ages and Stages) through Caregiving, Education, and Outreach Always Supported with Prayer

Verse of the Week:

Acts 7:51
“How stubborn you are!” Stephen went on to say,
“How heathen your hearts, how deaf you are to God’s message!
You are just like your ancestors you too have resisted the Holy Spirit!”
At this point in the scripture Stephen is telling the council how they and their ancestors have always persecuted the prophets. They killed God’s messengers who announced the coming of the righteous Servant, Jesus, and now have killed Him also. Stephen goes on to say they (the council) are the ones who received God’s law that was handed down by the angels—yet they have not obeyed it!.

The Bishop is coming August 18th. Read more about it here.


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